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How Does It Work?

Almost Everyone Qualifies

Even if you have bad credit, we provide personal loans for emergencies.

Receive Funds Quickly

Distribution of proceeds within 1-2 business days of your online personal loan approval.

It’s Fast and Secure

Choose the product that works for you. Create login. Sign agreement upon approval of our loan process.

Types of Loans


Personal Loans For The Employed


We have a diverse personal loan services portfolio. For example, we offer an emergency loan and an installment loan to fulfill different types of needs.


Our emergency loan of $500.00 can come in handy when faced with unexpected situations such as home repairs, car repairs, and medical bills. The installment loan of up to $6,000 is designed for larger needs. Please note a 4% origination fee will be charged with each installment loan1.


According to a recent study, nearly 40% of Americans can’t cover an emergency expense of $400.00.


So, this forces many to seek help from payday lenders who charge high fees and rates for their loans.


As a result, research has shown that financial stress can affect employees’ performance on the job, leading them to look for a job change and other sources of income. Also, the stress the employee has results in lost production, missing work and, at times, employee turnover.



Personal LoansConsider these financial statistics.


Since the crisis of 2008, most lenders withdrew from those seeking small, emergency loans or stopped servicing people with low credit scores.


So, employees who were in the income range of $25k-$60K had to search for online lenders or payday loan lenders.


Most people, at this point, start asking questions such as:

Can you get a personal loan with a low credit score?

How can I get a personal loan fast?


Moreover, their available go-to lenders are pawnshops and Payday Loans. The interest rates and fees with both are usually very high.


Therefore, we offer a financial lifeline so you don’t have to try payday loans or pawnshops.


Our loans vs traditional payday loans:

Read CFPB’s information on what is a payday loan here.


Cost of securing a small balance loan up to $500.00 payable within five months:


Payday Lenders: fees total as much as $475.00

WorkPlaceCredit® Loan: fees total as low as $30.00.

Projected savings by using our personal loans: $445.00


We also offer one of the best installment loans in the market for up to $6,000. Please note a 4% origination fee will be charged with each installment loan1.


Here is an example of the specific rates and fees that would apply to your loan with WorkPlaceCredit®: If you are requesting a loan of $3000, an origination fee of $120 (4%) will be added to your loan amount. The total amount of your loan would be $3120 which is financed at an interest rate of 20.99% and 25.18% APR. Should your chosen time frame for repayment be two years, your payments of $73.71 would be scheduled over 52 bi-weekly installments over the next 2 years.


Other highlights:
  • Everyone with a history of stable employment with our approved list of employers will be approved for an installment loan subject to affordability, regardless of their credit score.
  • Free financial education program to help with budgeting and debt resolution.
  • Payment history will be reported to credit bureau.
  • Fast & Easy


Our Underwriting Logic and Eligibility Criteria Is Incredibly Straight Forward:

  • Verified Personal Information & Above 18 Years Old
  • Pass Screening for US Government Sanctions List & Fraud
  • Not in an Active Bankruptcy Proceeding
  • Currently employed with employer for 12 months or longer


Personal Loans - Fast and Simple


Remember, there are several drawbacks to Payday Lending. Read CFPB’s information on what is a payday loan here.

  • People caught in a cycle of borrowing.
  • Also, has an illusory aura of simplicity.
  • In contrast, WorkPlaceCredit® offers loans at competitive rates in a process designed to help build borrower credit history.


We at WorkPlaceCredit® therefore want to lend responsibly and fairly to customers with a stable income stream and offer access to affordable credit even if they have a bad credit history.




The benefits of choosing our program include:


  • WorkPlaceCredit® makes fast and simple decisions about the loan process.


  • WorkPlaceCredit® can give you quick cash when you need it.


  • Interactions with employer and individual customers are timely and completely confidential.


  • The most important highlight of the WorkPlaceCredit® loan is its affordability. A remarkable feature of the loan program is the proprietary affordability model. This model ensures that you only borrow what you can pay back. The online application is hosted on a platform that is easy and secure. When approved, loans are disbursed within 24-48 hours.


  • Another highlight of the program is a financial wellness platform offered by WorkPlaceCredit® in collaboration with KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education). KOFE highlights: Budget counseling; debt elimination strategies; Credit building advice; Credit report reviews.



Fast Personal Loans - Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

Applying is Quick & Simple:

Are you 18 or older?

The minimum age to use our service is 18.

Are you a U.S. resident?

Must be a current resident of the United States.

Do you have a Bank Account?

You need an active US bank account to allow the money to be transferred to you.

Do you have a valid address?

Must have a current address in the United States.

Are you employed?

You must have been employed for the last 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions About WorkPlaceCredit® Loans

YES! Almost everyone qualifies. Even if you have bad credit, we provide personal loans for emergencies. At WorkPlaceCredit® we want to lend responsibly and fairly to customers with a stable income stream and offer access to affordable credit irrespective of their bad credit history.

The best personal loan depends on several factors, all related to your personal needs.  It is advisable to review the offerings available from several credit issuers. Understand the rates that would be charged, be aware of all related fees. Most important is to arrange a payment schedule that you are certain you can afford.

Most credit issuers will review your credit record when determining approval for a loan. Some creditors are quite strict about issuing a loan if you have a poor credit rating. Others might be more lenient. It’s advisable to understand the rates a credit issuer will charge if your credit rating is poor. They may offer you a loan but the rates can be objectionable.

It depends on the issuer’s policy. WorkPlaceCredit® is driven to approve and distribute funds within 1-2 business days after final approval. Review an issuer’s website to better understand their policy.

We are having temporary interruption of service. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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