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We at WorkPlaceCredit®  take the responsibility of financial education just as seriously as our responsibility as an affordable loan provider.


The following are some loan frequently asked questions with their answers.
Please reach out to us at Info@WorkPlaceCredit.com should you have additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not borrow a loan from WorkPlaceCredit® if it is not required. WorkPlaceCredit® does not encourage frivolous spending however WorkPlaceCredit® can assist by providing the loan at an affordable rate. The loan from WorkPlaceCredit® from a borrower can be applied towards building a future solvent credit history including a mortgage.

We do not have a mandatory waiting period however being turned down for a loan could stem from an outstanding financial issue that needs to be resolved before we could approve a customer for a loan and multiple credit inquiries in a short period of time can have a negative impact on a person’s credit score. Also, it generally takes at least 30 to 60 days to see to see a change reflected on your credit report. That is why we recommend waiting to re-apply until first resolving the issue. For additional help please visit our contact us page and we can try to provide further guidance.

No, the WorkPlaceCredit® program is a partnership with your employer as an added benefit of your employment. Routing the loan application process is the best possible method to ensure the security and safety of the loan applications information and security.

As frequently as required, however our decision to extend credit will be based on our assessment of your ability to pay without making a sometimes-stressful financial situation even harder.

Potentially, however employment must be established and proven to be stable for the safety of the customer and WorkPlaceCredit®.

There is no cap on income to be eligible for a loan from WorkPlaceCredit®.

YES! Almost everyone qualifies. Even if you have bad credit, we provide personal loans for emergencies. At WorkPlaceCredit® we want to lend responsibly and fairly to customers with a stable income stream and offer access to affordable credit irrespective of their bad credit history.

The best personal loan depends on several factors, all related to your personal needs. It is advisable to review the offerings available from several credit issuers, understand the rates that would be charged, and be aware of all related fees. Most important is to arrange a payment amount and payment schedule that you are certain you can afford.

No. Like most credit issuers we will review your credit record when determining approval for a loan. Unlike most creditors we will offer loans regardless of a poor credit history. Our affordability calculator ensures that the borrower only borrows what can be paid back.

It depends on the issuer’s policy. WorkPlaceCredit® is driven to approve and distribute funds within 1-2 business days after final approval. Review an issuer’s website to better understand their policy.

At WorkPlaceCredit® our emergency loan process is quick and simple. You fill out the personal loan application, review the loan options, and sign agreement. Then we distribute your funds. It’s Fast and Secure!

We typically respond with a decision on your loan within 48 hours. Please note: during periods of heavy volume that time frame may be extended.

You are free to utilize your funds as you see fit. But, consolidating your debts by eliminating high interest credit cards and reducing the number of payments you must make is indeed a valuable process.

You may qualify for an additional loan if the additional payment obligation does not place you in a difficult position to repay.We need to add that they need to be current in repaying their existing loan.

You should be able to provide a copy of your driver’s license, ability to take a selfie (please remove hats, glasses or anything that obstructs the view of your face), ability to login to your salary deposit bank account, we also may require additional documents such as a bank statement or employment verification.

If you successfully qualify your funds can be disbursed within 48 hours. Please note: during periods of high demand that time-frame may be extended.

We carefully review our interest rates to ensure we are competitive with lenders. Our interest rates are indeed fair.

This is a great way for you to ensure payments are made on time with no worries about missing a payment, incurring late fees or possibly damaging your credit. Please follow the instructions when applying and your employer will deduct your payment from your pay and transmit it directly to us every pay day.

We are in process of developing a program to reward referrals. Even so, our product is a valuable resource for many and you may provide co-workers/ friends with a great resource by recommending our service.

We offer our program directly to federal and USPS employees. But, please feel free to advise your supervisor of our services to help them communicate our program to other employees. If you are an employee in the private sector please do advise your employer and suggest they contact us. Together we will create a process to alert your co-workers about the advantages WorkPlaceCredit provides.

We currently offer loans only to those actively employed.

Please access Google by entering WorkPlaceCredit and utilizing the review link on the right side of the page.

KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) provides a service for our customers to help with their  budgeting, suggest ways to improve your credit standing and possibly re-structure your payments with creditors. This could result in you lowering your monthly payments and even reducing the total amount you owe.Visit KOFE at Kofetime.com and advise the representative that you are a customer of WorkPlaceCredit.

No, at this point, our limit is 36 months.

No need to prove the nature of your emergency. We are here to help you through your needs as seemlessly as possible.

If you are a naturalized citizen you must have an H1B1 permit which would not expire prior to the end of the loan payment schedule.

You may qualify once your bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed.

No collateral is required to qualify for a loan with WorkPlaceCredit.

At this time our loans are limited to $25,000. You are free to decide how the funds may be used.

At this time our loans are restricted to installment offering limited to $25,000. You are free to decide how the funds may be used.

You may qualify for a loan if your employment requirements are met and we are certain your loan payments will be comfortably affordable for you.

No, the loan can only be issued to the borrower.

Typically, 60 days. Please keep in mind that your situation pertaining to the loan rejection must have changed in your favor.

A Personal Loan is an unsecured installment loan. WorkPlaceCredit offers two types of Personal Loans, a Short Term Installment loan (or an Emergency Loan) for loan amounts from $ 500 to $ 1500 and a Regular Installment Loan for loan amounts from $ 1500 to $ 25000.

If we get all the information that is required electronically and accurately, we can typically decision and disburse loans within 1-3 business days. For us to make fast decisions, we need to verify your identity, bank ownership, employment and wage allotment. Our processes are designed to get these done instantly but there may be situations where your particular records need additional verification or manual inspection. We need your rapid response to any documentation asks for us to expedite your loan processing in such cases.