See If You Qualify

  • Verified Personal information and at least 18 years old.
  • Stable Employment
  • Employed for one year with your organization
  • Not in an active bankruptcy proceeding.

We do not use credit scores to make a disbursement decision.


WorkPlaceCredit is a loan program offered through In-House Capital, LLC. Through partnerships with like-minded employers, we are seeking to improve easy, affordable access to credit.

Please Join Us

Our program is designed to be an amazing employee benefit. The money saved is meaningful. As a result, its economic value to those who use it is almost as high as employer-sponsored healthcare plans. Ask your employer to contact us and we will be glad to provide an overview.

If you are an employer, we urge you to include this zero-risk, zero-cost loan program in your benefit package. Because the hurdle for approval is so low, we expect a large segment of your employees will use the product. Click here to let us know how you would like to engage in taking this next step.

Why Is This Vision & Mission So Important To Us?


Provide affordable loans to all consumers with a special commitment to those with limited access to credit.


Accessible, Fairly-Priced Credit For All

While nearly all consumers have access to basic banking services like checking and savings accounts, a large portion cannot rely on their bank for a loan.

Consequently, many consumer’s loan needs are being filled by an explosion of “payday lenders” whose interest rates average nearly 400%*. It’s neither rational nor reasonable for consumers with dependable employment and consistent wages to be forced into these high-priced products.

We are going to solve this problem and prove a point – you can lend to consumers on fair terms and run a profitable business.