Employer Benefits

Retain & Recruit Better

Offering a benefit to boost employee financial health helps retain and attract high-performing talent.

Improve Productivity

Reducing employee financial stress helps employees be more productive at work.

Supplement Health Plans

Our offerings can be used as a supplement to health plans to cover costs not covered by insurance.

How it Helps Your Employees'

A superior alternative to your employees dependence on predatory lenders

Onboarding Is a Three Step Process



We collaborate with your Management Team to create awareness about this new benefit amongst your employees.


Establishment of Pilot Program

Establish a pilot to ensure seamless loan disbursement and payroll deduct process.


Systems Integration

Seamless Onboarding through systems integration. Aside from employee verification and processing the payroll deduct the employer is not burdened with administering the process. The employer is in no way liable for employee re- payment.

How it works


Create Awareness

Initiate contact with the designated representative of the company. Establish a pilot program with a limited number of employees to test systems integration.


Pilot Program

We set up a pilot after accomplishing payroll deduct via systems integration.


Seamless Onboarding

Employees may now apply through www.workplacecredit.com by inputting their employee code.



If approved, the loan amount is transferred to the employee’s account within 1 business day.

Workplace Credit wants to hear from you!

The employer is asked to verify employment and to help create awareness about this valuable lending alternative. They are not, in any way, responsible for the borrower repayment obligations. WorkPlaceCredit is always striving to improve our product and provide superior customer service. We would love to get your feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On an average 4 out of 10 Americans cannot afford to cover even USD $400 in unexpected expenses. Nearly 50% of Americans have credit scores of near prime or subprime (below 680). People with annual Income less than $70K are likely to be living from paycheck to paycheck and are likely to have near prime or subprime credit scores. When these individuals need credit, traditional lenders are unlikely to offer them loan options. For such people, payday lenders and pawn shops are the only alternative and these entities charge very high interest rates (APR of 300% and up). We offer an affordable alternative to Payday lenders to people who have stable income streams such as a better alternative. Our offering will enable your employees to avoid payday lenders and from being caught in a perennial debt trap. Payday Lending has become a huge industry (over USD $ 65 billion) and is attracting clients who are rejected by traditional lenders, including a segment of your employees.

The process is fairly simple and streamlined, once an employer agrees to partner with WorkplaceCredit ® . We typically start with a pilot that doesn’t require any systems integration work. In this phase we just need some points of contact, typically in Human Resources, to manually verify employee eligibility (his/her income and employment tenure/history). Within 2-3 months after the pilot rollout we can systematically integrate our systems into the HR Systems to automatically verify employee credentials and setup an interface with Payroll Deduction Process so that no manual intervention is needed from that point forward.

For the employers, the typical risks that they would be concerned with are :

  • Information Security and Data Privacy
  • Compliance with Applicable Laws (Fair Lending Laws etc)

We have a seasoned and experienced team that understands compliance, information security and regulatory requirements very well. We also perform regular external audits and certifications to ensure that our processes and platform maintain the highest standards of data security and integrity. All aspects of pricing and loan eligibility are totally transparent and disclosed on all channels to avoid any bias or discriminatory behavior in compliance with fair lending laws.

You can rest assured that with WorkplaceCredit®WorkPlace Credit, your employees will receive service on a platform that has been highly scrutinized and secured.

There are no financial obligations to you as an employer. Our expectation of the employers is only to make sure that you have robust processes and systems in place to verify employee credentials, specifically income and job history and then enable implementation of the ongoing payroll deduction process for loan installments. Finally, we seek your sponsorship in promoting the awareness of our products and services as part of your overall employee benefits package.

We will provide you with pertinent information pertaining to the cascading benefits of the program. This includes data and observations specifying organizational improvements in employee production and retention rates. The employees will perceive this financial lifeline as an additional employer-based benefit, reducing the stress that typically migrates from home to the workplace. You will be provided with detail of our cost-free financial counseling service which will help the employee devise a strategy to enhance or repair their credit rating.

  • For the HR Head / human resources team: Our offering improves your benefits package to the employees at no cost to you. This will likely help reduce the employee turnover. Our offering avoids the likelihood of them falling into debt traps. Less worry about financials will translate into more a productive employee base for your organization.
  • For the CFO / Financial Controller: Our offering allows employees to go for higher deductible insurance plans. Our offering will be usable when the situation arises when the employee has to fork out the high deductible. A high deductible insurance plan will in general lead to lower premiums for the employee and a lower employee contribution. If your company is offering some kind of an employee advance today, our offering eliminates the need to have any capital deployed for the employee advances and the corresponding operational cost for maintaining the records associated with these advances.
  • For the CEO : The combination of the employee benefits and the financial benefits mentioned above.

We can get your started immediately on a pilot. We have a rollout playbook and best practices that we can use to rapidly launch our offering within a couple of weeks. We typically start with a pilot that doesn’t require any systems integration work. In this phase we just need some points of contact, typically in Human Resources, to manually verify employee eligibility (his/her income and employment tenure/history). Shortly after the pilot rollout we can integrate into the HR Systems to automatically verify employee credentials and setup an interface with payroll deduction process so that no manual intervention is needed from that point forward.

Yes, we have done pilots in Florida and Texas. This works well when packaged as part of the overall employee benefits package. The process integration is effectively executed as we capture feedback from the employees and human resources within the scope of a small pilot, adjusting the process when necessary. In the background we will address the medium-term integration items such as HR related systems requirements and Payroll processing. We have seen that when executed properly such a program becomes a highly desired part of the overall employee benefits proposition and its ease and convenience becomes a very attractive employee offering.

We at WorkplaceCredit® are complying with all the required laws such as Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), Truth in lending Act (TILA), Patriots Act and all other applicable CFPB, Federal and State requirements for lending.

We have a strong internal compliance team that ensures ongoing adherence to any changes in the regulatory landscape. Our IT systems go through regular internal and external reviews to ensure Information Security and Data Privacy requirements are adhered to.

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  • We offer a zero interest USD 500 Emergency Loan Product for a one time USD 30 application fee (with a USD 5 discount if the borrower signs up for Autopay or Payroll Deduction), repayable over 5 months
  • Installment Loan Product of up to USD 25000 repayable over 6-36 months††. Our interest rates for Installment Loans are @ 9.99-23.99% . The interest payments over the life of our loans are typically less than a 10th of payday lending loans typically priced at APRs of ~ 100-400 %. APR = Annual Percentage Rate
  • †The repayment period for an emergency loan is 5 months. A sample WorkPlaceCredit® emergency loan with Automatic ACH* deduct agreement initiated on 5/25/2018 will have $500 as Amount Advanced, an Origination fee of $25 and monthly repayments starting from 6/30/2018 for 5 months of $105 (covering Principal and Origination fee) each. APR corresponding to this sample loan is 18.72%.
  • ††A $2,600 Installment loan booked on 5/25/2018 with an Automatic ACH* deduct agreement and a six month tenure will have monthly installments of $461.90 (covering Principal and Interest) till the maturity date of 11/30/2018 with a corresponding APR of 21.02%. The total finance charge paid over the life of such a loan will be U$171.42.
  • Loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey Chartered Commercial Bank, member FDIC. Offer subject to credit approval by Cross River Bank.
  • *ACH or Payroll Deduction is not a condition for approving the loan.
  • WorkPlaceCredit® is the registered trade mark of In House Capital LLC.